We can advise people with financial
problems on their options and provide
help or point them in the right direction


People face financial difficulty for many reasons. Some situations may be resolved informally and for smaller debt, say under £20,000, we suggest contacting a reputable debt management provider or the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Debt Management Plan

An informal arrangement that allows repayments to be substantially reduced and changed to a single monthly payment. Usually suited to temporary financial problems.

Individual Voluntary Arrangement

For larger debt and where there are assets to protect an IVA can be the answer. A Proposal is put to creditors and key features can include significant debt write-off, protection of assets and a single regular payment.


Partnerships can benefit from administration, voluntary arrangements and liquidation procedures in a similar way to companies.


Bankruptcy can be a realistic option but only after careful consideration. Bankruptcy is initiated by a petition to Court by the individual or creditor. The Official Receiver deals with the case and may seek the appointment of an Insolvency Practitioner to realise assets. A bankrupt is usually discharged after one year.

Debt Relief Order

Similar to bankruptcy but a simplified procedure where there are no assets and less than £15,000 of debts.

Informal Negotiation

Sometimes it is possible to come to an informal agreement with some or all creditors.