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Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting is the specialist field of investigative accountancy, and defines engagements resulting from potential or actual disputes or litigation.

The literal interpretation of Forensic is "suitable for reference in a Court of Law", and it is within these strict standards that forensic accountants generally have to work.

Mark McCafferty leads our forensic and investigative accountancy assignments.

Mark’s expertise is in dispute resolution, including;

  • Business and share valuations
  • Investigating fraud and other wrongful actions
  • Financial and operational investigations
  • Calculation of economic loss
  • Tracing of assets
  • Mediation outside of the formal court process

Mark is an expert Forensic Accountant, possessing specific skills, including an attention to detail, a desire for information, and a drive to ensure equity is achieved.

Our aim is to advise on the most appropriate action, assessing the consequences of certain actions, and the delivery of timely, accurate information for the client, and if all other conciliatory efforts are exhausted, if necessary to present to the Courts, in the form of an Expert Witness Report.